General information

Elektrokarbon a.s. has implemented and maintained system of quality management according to EN ISO 9001, that is an effective tool for identification of customers´ requests and expectations, as well as tracking and enhancing of the level of their satisfaction. The established system of quality management interconnected with own testing facility and chemical laboratories, certified process of adhesively bonding in the area of railways rolling stock, according to norm DIN 6701-2, as well as years of experience, makes for complex system of ensuring quality of all processes and products. 


In the area of environment protection these are companies´ main principles:

  • to ensure the lowest possible adverse effect of companies´ activities on environment
  • to implement a principle of prevention against environment polution and a principle of systematic enhancement of environment care in the company.

Elektrokarbon a.s. has implemented and maintains a system of environmental management according to EN ISO 14001. SEM is developed and implemented for management of important environmental aspects and for achieving of compliance with official requirements. The company is interested in achieving and declaring of its good environmental behaviour through management of effects of its activities, products and services, increasing of employess awareness, improvement of communication and relationship, recyclation of waste.

In the area of legal requrements is valid for the company operation besides otherhs also a legislative act of integrated prevention and controll of polution of the environment, that represents a new approach of environment protection. Adhering this act we can achieve high overall level of environment protection.