Elektrokarbon a.s. offers broad range of carbon products for various applications.

General classification:

Products for electrical applications

carbon brushes for electrical rotary machines:

  • carbon brushes for industry and transportation
    • stationary commutator motors (AC, DC)
    • stationary ring motors
    • traction commutator motors (AC, DC)
  • carbon brushes for auxiliary motors in motor vehicles
    • starters
    • alternators
    • dynamos
    • other auxiliary motors
  • carbon brushes for motors of hand tools
    • drills
    • grinders
    • saws
    • and other...
  • carbon brushes for household appliances
    • kitchen robots
    • hair driers
    • vacuum cleaners
    • washing machines
    • and other...
  • carbon brushes for motors in special appliances
    • generators for frequency changers
    • small motors and generators in aeroplanes
    • in measuring, regulation and information technics

carbon and metal-carbon strips for current collectors:

  • carbon strips for railway electrical driving vehicles 
    • standard carbon strips
    • copper-based carbon strips
    • bonded carbon strips

  • carbon strips for trams
    • standard carbon strips
    • copper-based carbon strips
    • bonded carbon strips

  • carbon strips for trolley buses
    • standard carbon strips
    • copper-based carbon strips
    • and other, according to requirements

  • carbon strips and segments for industrial usage, according to requirements

Products for mechanical applications:

carbon sealing rings, bushings and bearings

  • bearings of water pumps
  • piston rings
  • sealing rings for pumps and compressors
  • sealing rings for shafts of water turbines
  • sealing rings of engine muffler

construction carbon products

  • molds and crystallizators for metalurgy
  • heating elements
  • crucibles for chemical analysis
  • forms for glass industry
  • vanes for rotary compressors and pumps
  • parts for chemical equipment
  • forms for microelectronics
  • graphite cylindres for glass fibres lubrication

SPEcTRaL carbon products:

  • products for spectral analysis
  • crucibles for molten metal
  • LECO crucibles

Products for other special applications:

  • sintered products
  • thermosets with carbon filler
  • carbon and electrokarbon welding electrodes
  • carbon semi-products