Company code

 Codex of Elektrokarbon, a.s.

  1. We acknowledge proper and nondiscriminating behaviour, mutual respect and high ethics of relationship between employer and employees, superior and subordinate, colleagues.
  2. We appreciate every customer.
  3. We are mindful of informing employees and let them know objectives and targets of the Company.
  4. We understand that we are one team, we cooperate willingly and help each other.
  5. We know that interest and prosperity of the company is also of our interest and prosperity.
  6. We create opportunities for the most competent, regardless gender and age.
  7. We support direct and open communication, honesty and tactfulness.
  8. We respect opinion of every employee.
  9. We value work experience of long-term employees.
  10. We pay attention to new employees, they are the future of the company.
  11. Work of every employee we consider important for the company.
  12. We are proud of the company we work for, we spread positive information about the Company in the public.
  13. We are not satisfied with what we have acomplished, we want to be even better, continually educating ourselves.
  14. We valuate and protect the property of the Company.
  15. We point out defficiencies and contribute to eliminating them.