Research and Development

General information

The ELEKTROKARBON company is active in area of Research and Development of carbon materials and production technologies in order to offer its customers new products and solutions that meet their technical and qualitative requirements.

Research and development is carried out by the team of highly qualified experts in close cooperation with the customers and external partners. 

Producst´s innovation is based on own long-term experience and knowledge of the employees, and cooperation with universities and another sientific institutions.

Also the newest know-how in the areas of material engineering and thermal processing is incorporated into all of the products.

Reasearch and development activities

  • Research in the area of carbon materials and development of new elementary materials – examination of physical and chemical properties, effects of variable thermodynamic conditions on resultant material parametres. Current projects: development of new materials for carbon strips for current collectors, vanes for vacuum pumps, aerospace industry
  • Development of new technologies. Current projects: development of technologies for metal impregnation, bonding and soldering of carbon with other materials.
  • Cooperation on projects of current and potential customers: projects that solve specific requirements defined by customers.
  • Activities focused on current products enhancement, and optimisation of processes to achieve optimal production costs and quality.

TESTing and proofing

As an integral part of the production facility there is a testing and proofing laboratory. For special test there are single-purpose devices built for the purpose.